Clear offers shortcuts to tools to make it accessible with click of a button.

Access to tools that you most often utilize on your computer

Clear Toolbar
  1. Clear Snipping ToolSnipping tool – With one click of a button, you can take screenshots (and access them all in one convenient location).
  2. Clear Recycle BinRecycle bin – Did you know that items you delete aren’t gone forever? Gain access to these items, or remove them forever.
  3. Clear IncognitoIncognito – Browse without being tracked using our shortcut to open browser in incognito.
  4. Clear PrintPrint – Print the web page in focus with click of a button.
  5. Clear DownloadDownload – Access your downloaded files by clicking the shortcut in Clear.
  6. Clear App NavigatorApp Navigator – See what apps are running and easily navigate to these apps.
  7. Clear ClipboardClipboard – Access your copied items by selecting the clipboard shortcut.