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Relevant search results from Recipes, Manuals, Templates and so much more. Useful Tools such as Snipping Tool, Print, and Private Browsing

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Easily Search for Templates
Snip Tool
Snipping Tool
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Clear is a better way to browse

Clear: A Better way to Browse

Powerful Features

Clear comes packed with all the features you want, like: Maps, Weather, Recipe Search, and a File Convertor.

Top Sites Always Available

Make your digital life quicker and more convenient by having your most visited sites close-at-hand.

Trusted & Tested Technology

Based on the Chromium browser, Clear uses stable, proven technology customized to your liking.

The Freedom to Browse the Web Your Way

No Setup or Maintenance

ClearBar seamlessly integrates with your default browser and Windows settings. Rid your browser of unwanted interruptions.

Painless Browsing

ClearBar toolbar is always within reach, located directly at the top of your desktop. Simply enter a search query to get results or chose one of the handy short cuts.

Designed with You in Mind

ClearBar was designed to make your life easier. We are pinned to the top of your desktop for quick and convenient access.